Greg's Heart Attack Recovery Story

"Parham Doctors' Hospital's Rehab Team gave me a second chance at life. I am eternally grateful."

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Defining Medical Rehabilitation

At Parham Doctors' Hospital, our goal is to provide the highest quality rehabilitation services to each and every one of our patients. Our interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals strives to provide treatment in a caring and compassionate manner that respects and adheres to the principles of individual differences, patient confidentiality and holistic healthcare.

When facing the road to recovery, isn't it reassuring to be guided by someone who makes the trip often?

The Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation Center at Parham Doctors’ Hospital has long been recognized as a community leader in the rehabilitation of patients with physical limitations due to stroke, trauma, spinal cord injuries, orthopedic injuries and surgery, amputations, chronic pain, cardiac and pulmonary disorders, and other neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

Your Multidisciplinary Team

Your physiatrist, a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, prescribes your individualized therapy program, usually in consultation with your personal physician. The physiatrist supervises your medical care and coordinates the professionals involved in your therapy and care.

Your physical therapist teaches you the easiest and safest ways to improve your mobility, and designs an exercise program to help you maximize your strength, endurance, balance and coordination.

Your rehabilitation nurse provides nursing care 24 hours a day. The nurse implements your individualized plan of care, and acts as a liaison between you and your physician. Your nurse gives you information about your medical condition and teaches you and your family skills that will help you become more independent.

Your occupational therapist helps you become as proficient as possible in activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating and homemaking. You will use various activities and adaptive equipment to increase your independence and enhance your cognitive skills and eye-hand coordination.

Your speech-language pathologist helps improve your functional communication and/or swallowing skills. Your speech therapist works with you to facilitate swallowing, oral motor skills, speaking, listening, reading, writing, problem solving, and reasoning skills.

Your case manager is the primary contact for you and your family. Your case manager will provide updates on your progress, schedule conferences and training, assist in planning your discharge, and connect you to needed services in the community for continued care, education, and support.

Your medical psychologist will focus on assessing and treatment issues of adjustment, evaluating cognitive abilities, and assisting the team in providing individualized care for each patient. The medical psychologist is available to provide support to patients' families as well.

Your dietician orders and prepares meals for you that meet your individual dietary requirements as well as promote healing and physical well-being. Education on diabetic diets, weight control, and specialty diets is also provided.

For pastoral care, our hospital chaplain provides spiritual support and counseling on request to patients and families of all denominations. We also encourage visits from your own pastor, priest, rabbi, or spiritual leader.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at Parham Doctors’ Hospital is Richmond’s premier location for rehabilitation. We offer intensive therapies to help you achieve your best quality of life, as quickly as possible. Our caring professionals provide you the tools and treatment to maximize independence, mobility, thinking, and leisure skills.

Integrated Inpatient and Outpatient Care

Many people at Parham Doctors' Hospital will be working very hard to make sure your inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation is successful. Your therapists will discuss safety issues with you and identify possible obstacles in your home.

Our goal is to ensure that your homecoming is both safe and successful.

You may also travel outside the hospital with your therapist to evaluate your abilities in a real-world setting. Your program manager will assist you in planning for your discharge and coordinate referrals for continued therapy, support, and educational services.

Medical Care Coverage

The Rehabilitation Center at Parham Doctors’ Hospital is certified as a provider of rehabilitation services for Medicare and many other insurance carriers. These carriers outline specific criteria that a patient must meet to justify admission to the unit and the need for continued rehabilitation.

Many insurance policies require pre-certification prior to admission and our clinical rehab specialist will assist you with this process. We strongly encourage you and your family to check with your insurance company regarding specific benefits and requirements outlined in your policy.