Parham Doctors' Hospital - October 23, 2018

If you are experiencing increasing pain and stiffness either from progressive arthritis, trauma, or other rare destructive diseases of the joint, there is a custom solution for your pain! Knee replacements are the most common joint replacement worldwide, providing huge relief, most of the time.

At Parham Doctors’ Hospital, we are taking patients who need a total knee replacement and working with ConforMIS, a medical device company in Bedford that is making knee replacement implants that are completely tailored to each individual patient. Using CT imaging, special computer software, and 3D printer technology, ConforMIS produce a unique knee implant designed only for that patient. Using the most advanced technology and techniques, our surgeons are able to provide you the personalized care you are looking for.

3 Benefits of Customized Knee Implants:

  1. Customized Fit: One of the primary drivers of patient dissatisfaction with knee replacements is poor femoral component fit. With customized knee replacements, not one knee implant is the same which allows for more comfort with the patient.
  2. Optimal Rotation: By providing both optimal fit and proper rotation, customized implants help avoid the compromises that may contribute to patients’ post-operative pain and functional limitations.
  3. Bone Preservation: Bone preservation is an important factor to consider in knee replacement surgery because the removal of too much bone can limit a patient’s future treatment options. There is a significant difference in the amount of bone that has to be removed with a custom knee replacement verse a standard off-the-shelf knee replacement.

Next Steps

It’s no secret that good knees are an essential part of a healthy and active lifestyle. If you are in need a knee replacement, Parham Doctors’ Hospital is here to tell you that you don’t have to live with debilitating knee pain when there are incredible advancements in technology that we can provide you! It’s not just a new knee; it’s a new start at life.

By: William E. Nordt, III, MDOrthoVirginia

Dr. William E. Nordt, III, is an orthopedic surgeon near Richmond, Va., who is on the medical staff at Parham Doctors’ Hospital. He specializes in knee, shoulder, and sports medicine care.